Uniti's Customer Referral Program

Refer a new Uniti enterprise customer and receive up to $500!

Refer a business
EARN REWARDS WITH UNITI'S Business Referral Program

Refer A Potential Uniti Fiber Business Customer

Open to all current Uniti Fiber enterprise business customers—use this easy-to-use form to submit your referral's contact information. 

Referral Signs Uniti Fiber Contract

In order to earn the referral bonus, the prospect must not be an existing Uniti Fiber customer and must sign a new Uniti Fiber contract.

You Get Rewarded 

Once your qualified referral becomes a new Uniti Fiber customer and service has been fully installed, you will earn a one-time billing credit of 50% off your bill (maximum of $500*) for each qualified referral you send our way. This gives you some serious wiggle room in your monthly budget!

*Credit applies toward monthly recurring charges only; equipment, taxes and fees will not be credited.

By making a submission, you represent that you are not providing or receiving any additional remuneration or incentive to or from the potential customer in exchange for the potential business with Uniti. 

Business REferral Guidelines


Program is open to all current Uniti Fiber enterprise customers. For each qualified business referral that signs a new Uniti Fiber contract, the referring customer will receive a one-time bill credit of up to 50% off one billing statement, not to exceed $500.00. A “qualified business referral” is defined as a business that is not currently a Uniti Fiber enterprise customer and that signs a contract to become a new customer (add-on services, or contract renewals do not qualify). Program credits will be applied to referring customer’s billing statement after the new customer’s services are fully installed and delivered. Service must be installed within 24 months of referral submission. The referral credit will apply to monthly recurring charges (nonrecurring charges, equipment charges, taxes and fees will not be credited). Existing Uniti customers are not considered new customers. Uniti Wholesale accounts are not eligible for referral program credits. It is the discretion of Uniti to refuse payout if the referral results in an actual appearance of conflict in any way.

Rely on a trusted partner with regional and national coverage over a reliable, robust network. Businesses need custom-engineered solutions and support they can count on.

That's the benefit of Uniti.

You'll get solutions created by experts and 24/7/365 support and monitoring from our staffed NOC, local field technicians and strategically located service providers.

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